Mr John Adeniyi-Adegbite

I am the chair and founder of Mobility help for disabled people. The organisation was registered with the UK charity commission in December 2006. I was a successful business man running a cleaning company “John Superior Cleaning Company” before my accident. In July 2000, I had a ghastly motor accident and sustained a spinal cord injury level C6-7 and became disabled (paraplegia), I spent ten and half months in the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital, Brockley Hill Stanmore. During my hospital admission the doctors said that I will be wheel chair bound as I was 99.9% paralyzed, until miraculously I regained partial sensation  on my limbs. I was promised help with mobility, that was where the name of the mobility help for disabled people came into existence. I believed that a disability does not mean your life has to stop; my aspiration is to empower disabled and vulnerable people not to give up and also to have a hope in hopelessness.

Mrs Folake Oyarinu

Part founder of Mobility help for disabled people. Born 21st May 1942. Before I became a pensioner, I was educated in Nigeria and I came to United Kingdom in 1989. I trained as a carer and did some charity work for residential and care homes. I am now disabled. I joined this organisation with two friends (John Adegbite and Clara Okufi). We sat down and thought about the treatment we were receiving. If we can help our people with depression, loneliness and talk to them that is how the charity started.

Clara Okufi

I am one of the trustee of Mobility Help for Disabled People. I am 73 years old and I live at 27 Eastwell House, Weston Street, London, SE1 4DH and I am disabled. Due to this condition, a few of us decided to form a disabled charity to help those in need. We have also rendered some help to those around us. This organisation is ready to help disabled people at all times no matter the state of our condition. The organisation will appreciate full support.

Mrs Temilola Caroline Okikiola

Aged 60 years old, lives at 217 Bradenham House, Boyson Road, London, SE17 2BE. Work as a Health Care Assistant with the NHS Hospital in central London; gained practical skills and knowledge of caring for the sick, disabled and vulnerable people in the community. I joined Mobility Help for Disabled People in February 2010. I heard of the good works the organisation has been doing in the community and I decided to join to be part of the team. Mobility Help for Disabled People was established in March 2006. The UK Charity commission approved the organisation in December 2006. I have empathy for the disabled and this organisation has helped people in the community to be relieved of depression and loneliness.

David Olayinka

Lives at Princess Crescent, Flat 2, London, N4 2HH. I used to work for a contractor called G.B.M Ltd in the London Underground station. I became a member of the Mobility Help for Disabled People as a result of prostrate cancer. I got the disease on my way to Nigeria on holiday, so I had to shorten the holiday and returned to Britain after a week and half. When I came back I checked into Hormaton NHS Hospital, where I was being looked after for twelve months starting from the 17th April 2006. I have been on a wheel chair since till present. The consultant surgeon told me on leaving the hospital that I am going to be on wheel chair for life.

Esther Okorantor

Lives at Flat 9 Princess Crescent, Finsbury Park, N4 2HH with my 13 year old son. I was working in a bank in Nigeria, ACB (African Continental Bank). I worked as a customer relation officer. I became a member of the Mobility Help for the Disabled as a result of my disability which occurred after an operation to remove a tumor from my spine in 1996.

Adebola Soroyimbo

Born 27th 1965. Lives at 21 Hamford Road, Aueley, Essex RM15 4SS. I have a degree in Business studies. I joined Mobility Help for Disabled People in 2007. I joined beeause I saw the truth and confidence in the manner they deal with issues surrounding disabled people. A lot of people in their local community, ranging from giving advice to physically helping the needy

Olayinka Omitaomu

Lives at 72 Marie curie, Sceaux Garden, Camberwell, London Se5 7DH. I am presently working with Southwark PCT NHS as a District Nurse in the community based Townley Road, East Dulwich SE22. I joined the charity organisation for disabled people in March of this year (2010). I was committed to this organisation when I saw their activity and what they aimed to acheieve and to help the disabled people in the community. I can see their successfulness within the community and the help they carried out. This impressed me to join fully.  At the first meeting on the 15th of July 2010, I was appointed as one of the trustees.

Mr Olu Williams

Lives at 33 Secaer House, Loughborough Estate, Minet Road SW9 7TP. I was invited by a friend in 2012 to join the organisation. I worked as a residential manager for Anchor Residential Care Home. Having seen the effort and commitment of the organisation, i was highly impressed and decided to fully joined the organisation till date.