How We Started


I had a ghastly motor accident on the 10th July 2000 which left me paralyzed as a result of a spinal cord injury level C6-7 and broken neck I sustained. I was admitted into the Royal free Hospital for two weeks. The staff couldn’t touch me because of the level of injuries I sustained. I was later transferred to the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital where I spent ten and half months. I was discharged and sent into a nursing home for one year afterwards.


In the year 2005 I was readmitted due to further paralysis into Kings College Hospital where I spent another 3 months. The total period I spent in the Hospital was 14 months, although I was still on wheelchair and crutches till today.

I was among the ten disabled people that the Royal National Orthopedic Hospital choose to represent the Hospital in Glasgow for disabled sport. Among the whole lots (400) in my selection, I was the only one that was able to stand up with crutches on my feet.

While in Glasgow, I was encouraged to help people with disability to becoming independent, and that was where the inspiration to establish the organisation started.

In year 2006 I took the step in registering the charity organisation with the UK charity commission, I took further steps in inviting some of my co disabled member who today are co-trustee of the organisation. The charity commission approved us to operate in the the UK, Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d’ivoire


The picture of the Chairman’s accident which occurred on the 10th July 2000 that led to his paralysis


Since then, so many people have benefited from the charity organisation both in the UK and some African countries.

“Strength in our community bringing people together”