Our Objectives

The trust was established for one major purpose, to help disabled persons. We recognized the enormous challenged that people with physical disabilities face around the world and we are determined to do something about it, with the help of other well meaning people in the world today. Our main objectives are:

  • The assistance to disabled people of all races, gender, age, religion or creed, in the United Kingdom and Africa, by the provision of a befriending service.
  • To relieve the suffering of the people with physical disabilities in the UK and Africa through the provision of equipment to aid mobility and by providing information and assistance which will encourage them to work towards self reliance and awareness that physical disability does not mean inability or hopelessness.
  • Visiting disabled persons in Hospitals, Prisons, Detention centres etc.
  • Arranging overseas hospital treatment for disabled persons who need specialist care in the UK and other well established medical systems in the world.
  • Providing Counselling and information services to disabled persons and their families.
  • To organise events to raise awareness about disability and how to live with it.
  • To promote research into illnesses and how they can lead to disability.